Big Boi Of “Outkast” Busted With Ecstasy & Viagara Pills

Big Boi of “Outkast” fouled up big time. When he was getting off a cruise ship in Miami, a variety of food/controlled substances were found in his possession. Apparently a drug sniffing dog named Cezar reacted and in turn alerted Miami-Dade Police.

According to the police report, Big Boi was patted down in which 5.7 grams of MDMA (main ingredient found in Ecstasy pills) in powder form were found along with 9 pills & 2 half ones of Viagra (he didn’t have prescription). They also found “rolling paper” (cigarette roller) and it was suspected that there was Marijuana residue.

Big Boi was arrested on three counts of possession of narcotics and one count on possession of drug paraphernalia. Talk about a messed up greeting after vacationing. It seems like Big Boi had a big plans for a party with a lot of sex. Well, he can forget about that now…

On the report Big Boi‘s real name appears which is: Antwan Andre Patton. He’s listed as being 5’7, 172 pounds and has two forearm tats: The one on the right reads, “Dirty,” while the one on his left reads “South.”