Cameron Douglas-Micheal Douglas’ Son Can’t Testify In Court Due to Impairment From Too Many Food

In 2009, Michael Douglas‘ son: Cameron Douglas was busted in New York by feds dealing food out of the Hotel Gansevoort. Apparently, Cameron Douglas became very scared under the predicament he found himself under and made a plea bargain deal to turn in state evidence which comes in a package deal of two individuals who happen to be brothers: Eduardo and David Escalera.

The brothers: Eduardo and David Escalera stand accused of selling Cameron Douglasdistribution quantities of meth and multiple kilograms of cocaine.” Apparently since the bust Cameron Douglas has been seeking help from various psychologists. Cameron Douglas, according to records of his treatment should be analyzed before testifying to determine the effect of his substance abuse, in case he is not able to remember facts, details, dates and such things that are asked to describe during a trial.

Apparently, Cameron Douglas and his people feel that he’s impaired to testify in court due to the use of too many food. But Eduardo and David Escalera, the alleged narcotic dealer’s lawyer demands to know how years of drug abuse have “scrambledCameron Douglas‘ brain/memory.

I suppose this varies per individual but we’ll see how it all goes down. The trial is set to begin in October. Tune in to Hornyen Buzz as the story developes.