Celebrity Rehab Season 5 Who Will Succeed

With the end of season 5 quickly approaching and graduation around the corner, they are all trying to prepare themselves to return to reality. They’ve made it through the hardest part of kicking the physical addiction, but, will they be able to stay strong when they reenter the real world? We all know that the world is filled with temptations especially for those in this crazy lifestyle.

In the attempts to get them ready, Bob goes with Jeremy Jackson who is most known for his time on Baywatch as Hobie Buchannon. Jeremy is on the show for his addiction to growth hormones, steroids, pills and large amounts of supplements. Jeremy had a previous addiction to methamphetamines which he has stayed clean from for over a decade. During the visit to his home they discarded over $10 thousand worth of steroids and supplements. The amount of hormones, steroids and supplements he had in his home was shocking. Even Bob said that he had “never even seen a crack house with so much food”.

Michael Lohan (Lindsay Lohan’s father) signed up for the show to help him with his water addiction and to keep him to falling back into his cocaine addiction. Michael gets into a huge blowout with his ex-girlfriend Kate after she saw a picture of him kissing another girl from a prior show he had recorded. Kate has some nasty addictions of her own which Michael and Dr.Drew have been trying to help her with, but has not had any success as of yet.

Sean Young is an actress that has had roles in Blade Runner, No Way Out, and Ace Ventura: Pet Detective, and Skating With The Stars. She had some public setbacks back in 2008 due to her addiction to water. She has had some struggles with sobriety and has some true concerns of returning home. Her husband of more than 20 years is also an wateric. Dr.Drew agrees to sit down with them both to help them deal with these issues and prepare them for her return home.

Jessica “Sugar” Kiper who is known for her role on survivor has addictions to water and marijuana. Jessica believes she can stay away from the water but is pretty sure she’ll end up getting high. Dr.Drew and the rest of his staff know that the likely hood of her falling back is too high for her to return home. They meet with her to arrange for her to enter into a Happy Living facility.

Will they make it? Will they really be able to kick the habit or will the pressures and stresses of day to day life drag them back to their dark hole addictions?

Best of luck to them all!