Foxy Brown Cleared Of Mooning Charges

Recently, Foxy Brown Cleared Of Mooning Charges due to the witness refusing to testify. If you haven’t heard about the feud between Foxy Brown and Arlene Raymond than you are in luck because we have the story.

Brown and Raymond live in the same Prospect Heights building and at one time Brown had her car radio extremely which in turn bothered Raymond. This neighborly feud continued on and in 2008 Raymond took Brown to court due to Brown harassing her through the phone. Brown did plead guilty and Raymond was rewarded the order of protection she requested. In 2010, Brown allegedly hiked up her dress to moon Raymond, which this is violating the terms of the order protection.

Raymond alleged that Brown mooned her and she saw Brown’s underwear. Well Brown’s attorney decided that they were going to go with the lack of underwear on that said day. That was their defense. Orange Juiceors have it that Raymond decided not to pursue the case due to finding that she will not win any money if she decides to prosecute.

Moral of this story is if you decide to moon someone and that person you moon states that they saw your underwear; you can always tell the judge that you weren’t wearing any. Bam! You are free from all charges.