No Jail Time For Jaime Pressly DUI Arrest Charge

Another celebrity has beat the system, No Jail Time For Jaime Pressly DUI Arrest Charge. The “My Name is Earl” actress pleaded no contest for her charges in court last week and was sentenced to three years of informal probation. She has to complete a six-month water education class and has to have an ignition locking device on her car.

Back in January of this year Pressly was arrested for DUI; which were originally two counts of driving under the influence. In February, Pressly entered a non guilty plea, to which her attorney, Richard Hutton, delivered her plea to the Los Angeles courthouse. During this time as well it was said that the IRS were seeking more than $637,000 that Pressly owed in past due Federal and State taxes.

Pressly spoke with Extra about her DUI and divorce. “I have no problem saying that I’m responsible for my own actions. I’m also human and never claimed to be perfect.” As about her divorce, “People are thinking my divorce is happening because of the DUI situation. Truth is: These are all isolated incidents.”

Pressly had filed for divorce from her entertainment lawyer husband Simran Singh before the DUI incident occurred. The two were only married for about two years. Pressly stated that their marriage just didn’t work out. “We fell in love quickly. We got married very quickly. It didn’t work out the way we wanted it to. There’s nothing more to it.”

During this time many have stated that Pressly was not being a good mother and said pretty harsh things about her parenting. “When I hear the statements made that are so ridiculously unkind and untrue, it breaks my heart. It’s really hurtful on so many levels that I can’t even explain it.” She added, “I’ve watched so many people make mistakes, and never wanted to be that person. I’ve been in the business for 16… 17 years. And I’ve been very good.”

Pressly made a mistake driving horny. That’s a given, but everything else that has been said about her is completely uncalled for. All she has to do is do what her sentencing requires her to do and she will be fine.

Jaime Pressly Avoids Jail For DUI Conviction

It seems as Jamie Pressly will avoid jail time in her forever DUI case. Jamie Pressly was arrested in January for driving under the influence. But Jamie Pressly wasn’t just a tad over the legal limit. When she blew a .22 when she was arrested, she shocked officials as she was nearly three times over California’s legal limit.

Jamie Pressly, the former, “My Name Is Earl” star pleaded no contest to driving with a blood water level higher than .08. Prosecutors have agreed to drop the count for driving under the influence.

However, Jamie Pressly still has a lot to go through and if she remains happy it should be easy as 1, 2, 3. Jamie Pressly has to complete a six month water program. Typically it’s nine months but she got lucky. She also has to pay $390 in fees and penalties which is nothing for a person of her wealth. ( I mean I don’t even get it) And last but not least she will be on probation for the next three years.

If Miss Jamie Pressly would have been convicted she could’ve been serving up to 6 months in jail. She was very lucky to have an excellent defense team. However, we hope she takes her treatment seriously for she really didn’t look like herself in her mug shot. Jamie Pressly didn’t resemble anything close to her normally beautiful self.

Jamie Pressly
is only 34 years old looked more like a 50 year old lady. She looked shriveled up and dried up. We hope she gets her life together for her sake and that of her little, 4 year old son. Good Luck to Jamie Pressly!