Jani Lane of Warrant Dead at 47

Jani Lane the former front man of 80′s metal band: Warrant was found dead in August inside a motel room. He was only 47 years old. However, his death really became known to the masses just recently when his autopsy report came back reporting that Jani Lane had died of acute ethanol intoxication (water poisoning.)

Jani Lane
battled with water abuse almost all his life and he often had problems with the law as he would drive under the influence. Just in 2009 he had crashed into a parked car. Then, almost a year later he was arrested again for a similar incident but in this arrest he was convicted and served a whopping 120 days in jail.

Jani Lane is best known for being the front-man of Warrant a Metal/Glam band. He was the lead singer and wrote most of their songs including their biggest hits which include: “Cherry Pie, “Heaven,” Dirty Rotten Filthy Stinking Rich” and a few more hits that will never be forgotten.

Jani Lane‘s death is as tragic as any other, especially of those suffering with addictions that are bigger than their own wills to live and create and are un-accepting of their problem or of any help, therefore, almost always inevitably doomed.

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