His Coaches Say Kimbo Slice Is A Great Guy To Work With

Pictures of Kimbo Slice

Kimbo Slice can dance circles around the competition. His coaches say he is a great guy to work with. Kimbo Slice has some superb traps.. Hornyen Buzz has all the latest Kimbo Slice information.

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Pictures of Kimbo Slice

Kimbo Slice is a sporting participant that is brilliant in athletic meetings. He has no limits and always pushes himself further.. For the latest updates and Kimbo Slice data, check back to Hornyen Buzz.

Kimbo Slice Movies & Television Parts

Kimbo Slice Scorpion King 3

Clearly, since the cameo of Kimbo’s recent big hit movie, Scorpion King 3, fans have begun to believe he is a real ace with many gifts. Over the years, Kimbo has appeared in more than five films.

As of late, Kimbo Slice’s manager Mr. Imber tells us they have met with Hollywood big shot Kevin Connelly to discuss a film about Kimbo’s life.The plan is to make the K Slice bio movie into a huge release for close fans in the US.And so, keep an eye out because the Kimbo Slice movie may be a movie theater by you soon.