Marisa Tomei Skinny Dipping with George Clooney and Evan Rachel Wood

Marisa Tomei Goes Skinny Dipping With George Clooney and Evan Rachel Wood she tells Conan O’Brien during her appearance on the show last night. She has been busy promoting the film “The Ides Of March,” but this appearance turned into a dirty tell of naked celebrity bodies enjoying themselves swimming in a lake! It was a small costars type of party at Clooney’s Italian mansion where all the names mentioned above as well as Charlie Rose was in attendance.

Tomei starts off telling, “We wind up all skinny dipping, let’s just cut to the chase!” O’Brien was shocked and seemed rather excited because he didn’t expect that story to come out.

She continues on with the story, “George said, ‘Walter Conkrite was here, when Conkrite was here he jumped in the lake! And he did it on the second night. Now, we’re here on the first night, we’re having soft drink, we’re having a beautiful dinner.’ So, he throws the gauntlet down. ‘Are you guys going to jump in the lake on the first night? Are you gonna top Conkrite?’”

Tomei also added, “Conkrite jumped in in full tux. So, the only way too really top that was to go the whole other way!”

O’Brien stated, “If George Clooney invites me to his lake como palace I would swim…I would walk around naked the entire time.” Tomei responds, “You are going to get an invite tomorrow!” In which he states, “I bet I don’t get an invite tomorrow. I don’t picture George Clooney watching this show right now saying like ‘I get to see O’Brien naked!’”

O’Brien also mentioned that he would like to pretend that Charlie Rose was not one of the naked bodies there since he was thinking that Tomei was naming hot chicks and then just threw Rose name in there. Another hot celebrity that would have been awesome to attend this little naked celebrity bash would have been, well if she didn’t want to get naked that would have been okay too.