Michael Lohan Arrested For Domestic Abuse

Reading the headline above, you probably feel a case of deja vu. Michael Lohan (Lindsay Lohan’s estranged dad) has been arrested yet again on charges of domestic violence. The craziest part of it all is he was arrested on the charges the day he and ex girlfriend Kate Major were scheduled to appear in court. The court date was set for them to go over the existing restraining order Major had in place against MiLo.

That’s right, just last March MiLo was arrested on domestic violence charges which later resulted in Major obtaining a temporary restraining order against him. MiLo claims that all of Major’s allegations and calls to the cops are due to her being broke and needing a source of income. She calls the cops, makes up a story and then sells it to the highest bidder. Could this be true? Sure it can but then again it can be a lie just the same.

What I don’t understand is this, why was he there in the first place if there’s a restraining order in place? Why was he not arrested for violating the restraining order? After all he went through on Celebrity Rehab what is he doing still messing with her? She has brought him nothing but trouble “STAY AWAY!”.

Too add to the mockery and insanity of this story, it was reported that they were arguing over him ejaculating in her when she didn’t want him to and because she refuse to perform oral sex on him. Again, I have to question why is she sleeping with him and allowing him to stay with her when he has supposedly been so abusive in the past and there is a restraining order in place? I guess some people will never learn!