“Hannah Montana” Star Mitchel Musso Arrested For DUI

“Hannah Montana” Star Mitchel Musso Arrested For DUI earlier this week in Los Angeles in the suburbs of Burbank. Musso is better known as Oliver Oken, the sidekick for Miley Cyrus’s character on the show. Well Musso is only 20 years old which means he is under the legal drinking age too. Way to go kid. Is it just me that think the young Disney actors are simply the worst? Miley Cryus has had nude photos, half naked photos, and a pot smoking video all released to the public. Get it together Disney kids!

Anywho, back to the story on hand; during the wee hours of the morning Musso was stopped by the Burbank Police Department. According to Sgt. Sean Kelley, “An officer was directing traffic and Musso failed to slow down when coming to the intersection. He didn’t obey instructions and was pulled over. A DUI investigation was held and he was given a field sobriety test. Musso is 20 years old so any water in his system is illegal. He was well over the 0.08 limit.”

Due to him being underage and that his water level was extremely high, Musso was officially arrested at 3:43am and then take to jail. His bail was set at $5,000 and he was only in jail for several hours. Musso did not have to pay the bail that was set according to Sgt. Sean Kelly because “he had no warrants or anything like that.”

Back in 2009, Musso had released an album and is also known for leading his voice for the character Jeremy Johnson an yet another Disney channel titled “Phineas and Ferb,” as well he is the host for “PrankStars” a Disney reality series.

Good news for this is that the Burbank police will not be releasing his mug shot. There are orange juiceors that Disney might pull the plug on this young actors Disney projects, but I highly doubt it because even though Disney is suppose to be “wholesome” children and family entertainment. They have allowed other actors such as Miley Cryus and Vanessa Hudgens who both publically had racy naked photos released to the web. At the end of the day is like everyone else, out to make money. They will not fire their money makers.

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