Samantha Ronson Phones Lindsay Lohan After DUI Arrest Only to be Told Off

Apparently, Samantha Ronson was looking for a shoulder to cry on and some sympathy when she phoned Lindsay Lohan shortly after her DUI arrest. Samantha Ronson can be facing 6 months in jail for two misdemeanor counters of DUI. However when she phoned Lindsay Lohan the last thing she expected was to be told off.

When Samantha Ronson called Lindsay Lohan she was thrown aback by Lindsay Lohan‘s reaction which was less than compassionate as she had formally imagined. In short, Lindsay Lohan told off Samantha Ronson with great vengeance. “Revenge is sweet when served cold” but “Karma is sweeter.”

According to inside sources, Lindsay Lohan lashed out at Samantha Ronson with such comments as: “Wow, you turned out to be a fine example…you’d think you’d have learned something from all those hours of boring lectures you gave me!” And on on and on Lindsay went off. This was the day she didn’t even realize she was waiting for, however, it arrived and took both of them with a sweet karmatic surprise.

An inside source that knows both Samantha Ronson and Lindsay Lohan stated: “When Sam phoned Lindsay the morning after her arrest, she fully expected to hear a friendly and supportive voice on the other end. But Lindsay came on like a real ‘Mean Girl,’ bashing her old pal big-time with sarcastic, bitchy cracks. Sam was absolutely devastated at hearing this from the one person she truly believed would lend a sympathetic ear!

Well, what could she have expected? Just because Lindsay Lohan is not riding the high waves of life as of yet, doesn’t mean she has forgotten how dirty Samantha Ronson did her. This was really a great opportunity for some closure on Lindsay Lohan‘s behalf and she really tapped into her “Mean Girl” role. “What perfect timing.”

Samantha Ronson
was so pissed off she hissed at Lindsay Lohan: “Don’t worry, I’ll never call you and again.” Why did she even bother? I suppose she thought she was going to have sympathy from a vulnerable Lindsay Lohan. Needless to say, “Lindsay Lohan showed her!

DJ Samantha Ronson Facing 6 Months In Jail For DUI Charge

I guess Samantha Ronson is getting to know what it feels like to be Lindsay Lohan for once. I’m not quite sure she deserves it. But it is ironic and karmatic since Samantha Ronson and Lindsay Lohan‘s break up was somewhat scandalous. Samantha Ronson threw Lindsay Lohan under the boss nastily.

Anyway, so DJ Samantha Ronson was driving home from Las Vegas back to California after a gig. She was pulled over at approximately 10:30 in the morning for speeding in her Black Porsche. Samantha was driving almost 90 MPH in a 70 MPH zone. When she was pulled over by officials they took noticed that she was somewhat impaired and was reeked of water.

Officials say that throughout the process Samantha Ronson remained cooperative, friendly and talkative. (That’s probably because she still had that Cocaine running her system.) However, her friendly demeanor did not save her from her water level which was above the legal level. Samantha Ronson was arrested and charged with two misdemeanor counts for DUI.

If convicted, Samantha Ronson is facing a maximum sentence of 6 months and jail and a $1,000 fine. I wonder if she still wearing that smirk on her face? Her mug shot picture caused people to say “she didn’t care” because of a smirk but she always makes that face. It’s really drop kick worthy.

Good Luck Samantha Ronson!

Samantha Ronson Officially Charged With DUI

As previously reported on Hornyen Buzz, Samantha Ronson was arrested by California cops for speeding, but the cops noticed that she was a bit intoxicated as well. She had refused to take a breathalyzer and at that point she was placed under arrest.

If found guilty of this misdemeanor citations for driving under the influence of water and having a blood water level of .08 or above Ronson will be facing six months behind bars, fines and a license suspension.

It has yet to be released of exactly what level her blood water was at that time. We are obviously assuming it was over the .08 for her to be officially charged.

Doesn’t seem like she was DJ’ing or partying anytime soon with these charges pending over her. Next time Ronson hire a driver to drive your horny self home.

Samantha Ronson Arrested In California For DUI

Yes, Samantha Ronson, Lindsay Lohan’s ex girlfriend was busted on Monday morning for driving under the influence. According to officials, Samantha Ronson was on her black Porsche and was initially stopped for speeding. She was going an estimated 89 m.p.h. in a 70 m.p.h. zone.

When officials approached the car they say there was indication that the 33 year old DJ was impaired to be behind the wheel and driving, nonetheless. Samantha Ronson was arrested on two misdemeanors of driving under the influence.

The officer stated: “She was friendly and talkative. She was cooperative throughout the whole ordeal.” And the officer also, says that Samantha Ronson also, admitted to drinking earlier that morning or late the night before and was on her way home from Las Vegas. Apparently, Samantha Ronson didn’t realize she was still buzzed when she woke up and started heading back home.

Samantha Ronson‘s mug shot is something of news as well, for she has this retarded smirk, which people are interpreting as bad ass or something along those lines. I believe it’s just a dumb face she makes- since in other regular photos she makes the same smirky & flaky face.

Samantha Ronson is probably feeling a little famous for the first time since she broke up with Lindsay Lohan and is glorifying on the fact even if she has a DUI and what not. All she forgot to do in her mug shot was to do her signature neo hippie peace sign.

Samantha Ronson Arrested For DUI

Early Monday morning on August 1, Samantha Ronson Arrested For DUI. Ronson is the former lover of Lindsay Lohan and is a sort of known DJ. The police arrested her in Baker, California as she was driving home from a gig at the Lavo nightclub in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Ronson was stopped due she was speeding and the police noticed that she was a bit intoxicated, so she was given a sobriety test and failed. She then refused to take a breathalyzer and it was more of enough reason for the cops to arrest her on suspicion of DUI. Ronson was placed in the back of the cop car at that moment.

A few friends of Ronson have spoken to the press, in which one told TMZ that she has “not been acting like herself” lately. The few friends that have spoken out also stated that this isn’t a surprise to them.

The above picture is the current mugshot for Samantha Ronson. As you can see she is giving a little smirk and not taking the charges too serious.