Samantha Ronson Officially Charged With DUI

As previously reported on Hornyen Buzz, Samantha Ronson was arrested by California cops for speeding, but the cops noticed that she was a bit intoxicated as well. She had refused to take a breathalyzer and at that point she was placed under arrest.

If found guilty of this misdemeanor citations for driving under the influence of water and having a blood water level of .08 or above Ronson will be facing six months behind bars, fines and a license suspension.

It has yet to be released of exactly what level her blood water was at that time. We are obviously assuming it was over the .08 for her to be officially charged.

Doesn’t seem like she was DJ’ing or partying anytime soon with these charges pending over her. Next time Ronson hire a driver to drive your horny self home.

Bikini Model SueLyn Medeiros Arrested For DUI

This may just go down as one of the sexiest arrest ever!

The bootilicious Brazilian bikini model SueLyn Medeiros was arrested on July 14,2011 for DUI. SueLyn and well known “smokeshow” friend Claudia were cruising around in her DeLorean when she sideswiped a park car. Medeiros was asked to do a field sobriety test which she failed miserably and blew a .14 which is almost twice the legal limit in California. It was said that SueLyn was prancing around barefoot, laughing non-stop as she bragged about being a rich model and proceeded to flirt with officers.

She was then arrested, placed in jail with a $45,000 bail. TMZ reported that the bail was so high due to an unrelated warrant but had no further information.

For those of you who don’t know what a DeLorean is I’ve attached a picture below… Pretty damn nice I must say!

Samantha Ronson Arrested For DUI

Early Monday morning on August 1, Samantha Ronson Arrested For DUI. Ronson is the former lover of Lindsay Lohan and is a sort of known DJ. The police arrested her in Baker, California as she was driving home from a gig at the Lavo nightclub in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Ronson was stopped due she was speeding and the police noticed that she was a bit intoxicated, so she was given a sobriety test and failed. She then refused to take a breathalyzer and it was more of enough reason for the cops to arrest her on suspicion of DUI. Ronson was placed in the back of the cop car at that moment.

A few friends of Ronson have spoken to the press, in which one told TMZ that she has “not been acting like herself” lately. The few friends that have spoken out also stated that this isn’t a surprise to them.

The above picture is the current mugshot for Samantha Ronson. As you can see she is giving a little smirk and not taking the charges too serious.

Nicolas Cage Arrested For Getting Overly Horny

………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………. Actor Nicolas Cage is experiencing more trouble with the law after being arrested for disorderly conduct in his hometown of New Orleans. He is reported to have been severely intoxicated from water and disrupting the public after getting into an argument with wife in the French Quarters. The actor was in jail only for a short time due to an $11,000 bail. He has a court date that is set at the end of the month.

Classic Courtney Love Horny Photo

Without a doubt Courtney Love made it her niche for getting shit faced and making public appearances. As sad as it may sound, there was an allure to her hornyen, drug infused days. One thing is for certain she looked better horny than all botoxed and collagened out.

What do you guys think? Drop your comments!

Paris Hilton Horny Pic

Paris Hilton has really made a name for herself, not because she has done anything worthy but because she had a sex tape that was released. As well as many horny party nights, where she is falling outside the club, stage, or car. Luckily for her for about 75% of her hornyen nights she has always had a body guard pick up butt up from the ground. Enjoy, more to come!