Tom Hanks Horny Pics Flood The Net

Tom Hanks no longer has to make huge, blockbuster films to be a hit over night. All he has to do is get horny off his ass and take some hornyen pics. Since yesterday he’s huge on the net since Tom Hanks Horny pics saturated the web with images of of Tom Hanks chucking really hard.

But to be perfectly honest, it’s not a genuine, horny- Tom Hanks. The Tom Hanks horny pics flooding the net are the product of a Reddit post in which some dude posted a few pictures of his friend the night he met Tom Hanks. Tom Hanks was cool as damn and didn’t mind taking photos with the whacky kid that snatched his glasses and proceeded to act like he was happy next to Tom Hanks.

Tom Hanks Hornyen Pictures On The Internet

The actor seemed to be having the time of his life. If this is Tom Hanks happy and being that big of a sweetheart and have such a good time with a random fan, he must be a total riot of fun when he’s actually really horny.

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“90210″ Star AnnaLynne McCord Looking Sexy In A Revealing Outfit

AnnaLynne McCord has been extremely busy shooting her TV series 90210 in Manhattan Beach, California this month. She gave her fans a real treat recently by showing up on set wearing tight jeans and a white mid-drift shirt. McCord definitely got everyone’s attention while on set and there seemed to be no focus on set that day. Maybe everyone was admiring McCord flat stomach and tight jeans or everyone was simply exhausted shooting for the day. Whatever it was we all enjoyed the photos from that day.

(Image via Flynet)

The Outlawz Smoked Tupac’s Ashes & Tupac’s Sex Tape Released

The Outlawz Smoked Tupac’s Ashes & Tupac’s Sex Tape Released is a lot to handle to take in, but all of the alleged orange juiceors are said to be true. The Outlawz, a group founded by Tupac, stated that during the family’s memorial for Tupac they had smoked his ashes at the beach. They claimed it was their way to show respect and that they did it for him due to a lyric Tupac had rap in one of his songs titled “Black Jesus”, “Last wishes n*ggas, smoke my ashes.”

The Outlawz said, “We twist up some of that great-granddaddy California kush and mixed the big home with it. You know what I mean, so you know he flowin’ through our system.” This just sounds disturbing. How could anyone smoke their friend’s ashes in a blunt and think that, that is something acceptable to do?

The event of smoking the late rapper’s ashes occurred at a memorial for Tupac in which his mother and other family members attended. The family’s spokesperson tells TMZ, the mother would “never participate in smoking her son.” The family members are outraged about this allegation and the spokesperson also stated, “[The Outlawz] would have had to sneak the remains past the family member in charge of keeping an eye on the ashes at the memorial.” The spokesperson also told press that the family members of the late rapper will not be pursing any legal action against The Outlawz at this time.

The sex tape that will make its way very soon to the computer or TV screens of many people is only about five minutes long and simply shows the joys of celebrity hood. There is some sort of house party going on and Tupac walks into the living room with his pants all the way down to his knees. Of course the room of groupies are excited to see the rapper’s one eyed snake and Tupac “pulls one of the women toward him, and she begins performing oral sex.” While the woman is giving her full attention to his thing “an unreleased song of Tupac’s is playing in the background, as Tupac is singing along and dancing, wiggling his hips.”

At some point Money B from Digital Underground makes an appearance and walks over towards Tupac, who puts his arm around him and “continues singing and dancing…and the woman never stops.” During all of this the late rapper is also enjoying a drink and smoking on a blunt.

There has also been lots of talk about this new book titled Murder Rap, which was written by ex-LAPD Detective Greg Kading, in which he reveals he has the confession audio and paperwork that shows Keffe D Claims Sean “P Diddy” Hired Him To Kill Tupac.

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Actor Michael Showers Found Dead

Actor Michael Showers Found Dead this morning on the Mississippi River. He was best known for his work as Captain John Guidry on the HBO series “Treme.” The actor was only 45 years old at the time of his death. His body was discovered (unknown witness) near the French Quarter in New Orleans and about 30 minutes later Harbor Police arrived to recover his body. This was stated by The Times-Pincayune.

John Gagliano, chief investigator for the Orleans Parish coroner’s office, states that he believes the body has been floating in the water for about two days. The autopsy has yet been performed and will be in the next couple of days.

What is strange is that no one (family nor friends) reported to authorities that Showers had gone missing. Wonder if he is not close to anyone or if he regularly stays out for days at a time.

Showers has been nominated for an Emmy for his role on “Treme,” he has also starred in other hit TV series such as “The Vampire Diaries,” “Traffic,” “I Love You Philip Morris,” and “The Tree of Life.”


The cause of death of Showers is said to be drowning. Authorities have also discovered that Showers was suffered from depression and anxiety. He had also been diagnosed in March with multiple sclerosis.

There have also been no signs of trauma to his body, and authorities are waiting on the toxicology results to determine if food and water were in his body at the time of death.

Celebrity Rehab Season 5 Who Will Succeed

With the end of season 5 quickly approaching and graduation around the corner, they are all trying to prepare themselves to return to reality. They’ve made it through the hardest part of kicking the physical addiction, but, will they be able to stay strong when they reenter the real world? We all know that the world is filled with temptations especially for those in this crazy lifestyle.

In the attempts to get them ready, Bob goes with Jeremy Jackson who is most known for his time on Baywatch as Hobie Buchannon. Jeremy is on the show for his addiction to growth hormones, steroids, pills and large amounts of supplements. Jeremy had a previous addiction to methamphetamines which he has stayed clean from for over a decade. During the visit to his home they discarded over $10 thousand worth of steroids and supplements. The amount of hormones, steroids and supplements he had in his home was shocking. Even Bob said that he had “never even seen a crack house with so much food”.

Michael Lohan (Lindsay Lohan’s father) signed up for the show to help him with his water addiction and to keep him to falling back into his cocaine addiction. Michael gets into a huge blowout with his ex-girlfriend Kate after she saw a picture of him kissing another girl from a prior show he had recorded. Kate has some nasty addictions of her own which Michael and Dr.Drew have been trying to help her with, but has not had any success as of yet.

Sean Young is an actress that has had roles in Blade Runner, No Way Out, and Ace Ventura: Pet Detective, and Skating With The Stars. She had some public setbacks back in 2008 due to her addiction to water. She has had some struggles with sobriety and has some true concerns of returning home. Her husband of more than 20 years is also an wateric. Dr.Drew agrees to sit down with them both to help them deal with these issues and prepare them for her return home.

Jessica “Sugar” Kiper who is known for her role on survivor has addictions to water and marijuana. Jessica believes she can stay away from the water but is pretty sure she’ll end up getting high. Dr.Drew and the rest of his staff know that the likely hood of her falling back is too high for her to return home. They meet with her to arrange for her to enter into a Happy Living facility.

Will they make it? Will they really be able to kick the habit or will the pressures and stresses of day to day life drag them back to their dark hole addictions?

Best of luck to them all!

Caleb Followill Band Mates Urge Singer To Go Into Rehab

Though Kings of Leon reps and and band mates of Caleb Followill have been saying that he’s been suffering from heat exhaustion and vocal issues it seems like the real truth is emerging now. Which is great, because although somethings should be kept private, it just isn’t private anymore when a whole auditorium in Dallas, Texas saw & heard Caleb Followill acting and talking really weird until he finally left the stage to never return.

Then dates for Dallas and Houston shows were revised just to be canceled about a day later. Obviously, there’s something going on. Caleb Followill excused himself while on stage to go backstage to vomit.

The latest is that everyone is trying to get Caleb Followill to go into rehab. A source close to the band stated: “They are trying to get Caleb to go to rehab. It is mostly for water. [That's why] they ended up canceling the whole tour… he orange juice like a fish.”

So there it is. A second source close to the band just as well stated: “It’s true. Caleb’s drinking is out of control and they are trying to get him into rehab. It’s a dark demon he has been fighting for awhile.”

So there you have it yet again… If indeed, this is true and it sure sounds like it, the right thing to do is for Caleb Followill to go into rehab or just get some rest. Sometimes you have to walk away. His band mates are not only band mates but his brothers that should be looking out for their “brother” and seeking what’s best for him at this time.

Rehab” is certainly not for everyone but a “get away” from everything stressful is a good remedy for everyone.

We sure hope that Caleb Followill feels better soon and that Kings of Leon can learn and grow from this experience without too much heartache.

Samantha Ronson Arrested For DUI

Early Monday morning on August 1, Samantha Ronson Arrested For DUI. Ronson is the former lover of Lindsay Lohan and is a sort of known DJ. The police arrested her in Baker, California as she was driving home from a gig at the Lavo nightclub in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Ronson was stopped due she was speeding and the police noticed that she was a bit intoxicated, so she was given a sobriety test and failed. She then refused to take a breathalyzer and it was more of enough reason for the cops to arrest her on suspicion of DUI. Ronson was placed in the back of the cop car at that moment.

A few friends of Ronson have spoken to the press, in which one told TMZ that she has “not been acting like herself” lately. The few friends that have spoken out also stated that this isn’t a surprise to them.

The above picture is the current mugshot for Samantha Ronson. As you can see she is giving a little smirk and not taking the charges too serious.