Cat Power Has Struggle With Alcohol Abuse In The Past

Cat Power, also known as Chan Marshall is singer and songwriter. She’s absolutely fascinating, but well known for her drinking problems in the past. From belligerent rants on stage, to walking off mid shows. She’s admitted in the past to have battled with alcohol abuse. If you’re into her music, well, it becomes more than obvious in songs such as “Moonshiner” & “Ice Water.”

I wasn’t able to find a picture of Cat Power shit faced. Maybe in some she is, but she’s just too pretty and maybe even “when putting the damage on” she still looks pretty. So I picked something else instead…

Paris Hilton Drunk Pic

Paris Hilton has really made a name for herself, not because she has done anything worthy but because she had a sex tape that was released. As well as many drunk party nights, where she is falling outside the club, stage, or car. Luckily for her for about 75% of her drunken nights she has always had a body guard pick up butt up from the ground. Enjoy, more to come!