Jessica Simpson Horny at Adele Concert?

Jessica Simpson attended an Adele concert in L.A. with her fiancee, Eric Johnson and other known celebrities such as “Glee‘s” star: Dianna Agron. Also In Adele‘s concert was Robert Pattinson, Christina Aguilera and Amber Riley.

However, Jessica Simpson‘s presence received much attention due to her hornyen behavior. Insiders state that Jessica Simpson was “horny swaying.” What the hell is “horny swaying?” It appears that you must stand like a cement statue if you’re a celebrity if not your accused of being “horny.”

Though even if she was “horny“, who gives a damn?” Why can’t a girl catch a buzz without people makingĀ  such a fuzz out of it. It’s not like she’s a little girl and she wasn’t driving under the influence like so many Hollywood celebrities are accustomed to doing without a care for the world, “literally.”

However, Jessica Simpson took these allegations to heart and relied on Twitter to state her defense. Jessica Simpson stated via Twitter: “There are orange juiceors that I was ‘horny swaying’ at the Adele concert last night. That wasn’t horny swaying. That was professional dancing!”

I wouldn’t go as far as “professional dancing,” but it seems more than probable that she was just moving to the tunes instead of being horny as reported. It seems hardly fair, it’s not like she made a spectacle of herself or anything like that. Jessica Simpson was moving, humans/people tend to do that from time to time especially when there’s music in the air and especially more while at a concert.

So, what do you readers think or feel? Was Jessica Simpson horny indeed or was she just simply “swaying” to Adeles’s beautiful voice/music? Leave your comments/opinions regarding this speculation.