Lindsay Lohan Career Is Over 2011

Lindsay Lohan has been the talk of the town for quit some time now. However, none of it has been good. This once loved Disney actress has gone beyond the typical good girl gone bad rebellion. Between her time in jail, several rehab visits, theft, and sloppy horny appearances she has managed to slowly kill her career.

The funny part of it all is now she’s suing Pitbull for speaking the truth in his hit song. She is claiming that it is due to his song that her career will go down hill. Is this chic (not worth of being called a woman) serious? How does she have the balls to blame her finished career on anyone else other than herself? After all it was her that got caught with food, busted for DUI, busted for theft, and has been busted by the paparazzi numerous times horny, passed out and indecent. No to mention that it was herself who developed the reputation for being impossible to work with. So tell me again how is any of this Pitbull’s fault? Oh yea it’s NOT!

Lindsay was most recently turned down for a role on Magic Mike. They originally consider her to play the role of a troublesome girlfriend to one of the strippers. However, after much thought and consideration they decided not to give her the part. A source confirmed that director of Magic Mike, Steven Soderbergh chose not to go with Lindsay because “he didn’t want to deal with all that.” But then again I’m sure this is no surprise to anyone.

Paris Hilton Horny Pic

Paris Hilton has really made a name for herself, not because she has done anything worthy but because she had a sex tape that was released. As well as many horny party nights, where she is falling outside the club, stage, or car. Luckily for her for about 75% of her hornyen nights she has always had a body guard pick up butt up from the ground. Enjoy, more to come!